Saturday, September 20, 2008

My boy is 10!  Grandma gave him the cutest card and this is what it said:
 10 reasons it's great to be 10
1.  Your video game skills are becoming unbeatable.
2. Only kids who've been around a whole decade know what's really going on.
3. You're starting to pass up those  shrimps who aren't tall enough to get into amusement park rides.  
4.  You get to eat ice cream and cake till you pop.
5.  Being a teenager is only 3 short years away.
6. A bigger allowance may be around the corner.
7. Gifts!
8. Now you're totally balanced-10 toes, 10 fingers, 10 years!
9. Single digits are so last year.   And... the best reason is...You can't get any more perfect than a perfect 10! 
Enough said, right?


Cammie said...

That is really cute! Happy Birthday Denny and Dennis!

charles said...

Happy Birthday Denny! We miss you a ton and can't wait to see you later this year! XXXOOO

Bridget said...

Happy Birthday Denny. We love you. We are sending you a present late, but we love you just as much... maybe more now that you are 10! We miss you. We have seen some pretty cool rubber ducks...